Commercial Movers


Affordable Laguna Niguel Movers go to great lengths to provide you with the best moving service. When it comes to a commercial move, the challenges are endless owing to a huge variety of business items and goods that need to be seamlessly moved. However, given our experience and expertise, we can safely pack, unpack, store and transport all your valuable belongings in the least amount of time possible and at most competitive rates, we might add.

Relocating commercial ventures is never an easy job and to tackle each and every hurdle that might come along the way, we are well equipped with the manpower and resources to make your commercial move as convenient as possible.

Our Diverse Services

Thanks to our well trained workforce, we have a history of meeting the diverse needs of our clients, from moving heavy machinery to light fragile items safely and conveniently. We understand the value of your business assets and we know how to keep your journey safe and smooth, helping you achieve every goal you’ve set out in regards to expanding and growing your business.

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The following are some of the most in-demand commercial services that we provide:


Each warehouse facility has its own unique aspects which are important to consider. All your belongings in those warehouses remain known only to our professional workforce, and even then to a certain extent. We excel in packing each item properly according to its weight and fragility. Each item is then safely delivered to the final destination. We also offer a temporary storage facility for your items, should you require.


Whether you need to move multi-story offices or mega-sized industries, we can handle all your moving needs easily and efficiently. Deep knowledge of legal implications and restrictions as well as keeping current with timely updates on amendments associated with these rules and regulations, makes us the right moving service for your commercial moving needs.


We understand that you might be looking to move a mid-sized hotel or a grand luxury establishment, which means your moving needs may be highly diverse. Everything from the furniture line-up to restaurant items and décor needs to be transported with extra care and caution.

It takes a significant amount of time to properly pack every item in your hotel and move it to the new one. But a well-equipped and trained workforce like ours can manage to do so in the least time possible. Huge beds, cupboards, lobby sofas, counter items, expensive décor pieces, office furniture, slot machines and an endless list of crockery, are some of the most typical items hotel owners must move. However, owing to our extensive hotel moving experience, we aim to set you stress-free and move everything securely, as you sit back and enjoy envisioning your brand new hotel.


Moving farms can be one of the greatest challenges as it involves moving livestock and other domestic animals. However, Affordable Laguna Niguel Movers understands the importance of providing extra good care for those living and breathing animals. Special vehicles along with highly trained vets are designated to serve the purpose well.

Hospitals and other Establishments

Hospital or medical relocation largely involves moving clinics, pharmacies and even full-scale pharmaceutical or medical research facilities. While the furniture and other hospital items can be moved by simple transportation means, other medicines, chemicals and sensitive materials require extra care, and need to be stored at specific temperatures and must be housed in a contained environment.

We have specialized vehicles to serve this very purpose, making your hospital move nowhere as cumbersome as you might have thought.

Expenditures – Commercial Moving

Our company’s professional estimator provides you with the best rates once you schedule a survey. We take note of your entire space, weight, load, item fragility and quantity, legal regulations and distance to be travelled to provide a final quote for all the commercial moving categories listed above.

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